Join us all Feburary long as we play COFFEE*OPOLY--- and EVERYONE can win! 

How to Play: 

  • Earn game pieces by completing the task listed on each card.  
  • Collect game pieces from the barista during the allotted timeframe 
  • For each color set collected; receive one entry into the grand prize drawing 

How to Win: 

  • Complete the board by earning ALL game cards!

How to Redeem:

  • Bring completed board (or mini card) to Sharon
  • Receive 2 additional entries to the grand prize drawing 
  • Select your completion prize. Choose from these options: 
    • Barista for a Day
    • Free Upgrades for 2024
    • 50% off one Sip & Savor Mug Making & Coffee Tasting Class 

Miss a week? Don't worry! Stop by Main Street ANY Thursday Night from 5-8 to "pay the fine" and complete any card!

Here's a Complete List of ALL the Cards:

Blue (2/1-2/8)

  • Purchase Any Season Special Latte
  • Like or share a social media post (story, FB, IG) Or give a shout out-- NOT on socials? JUST bring a friend!
  • Text a friend your favorite meme 

Red (2/15-2/22)

  • Purchase any bag of coffee
  • Sign up to receive our emails 
  • Make a new friend and chat about your favorite coffee orders 

Green (2/8-2/15)

  • Purchase any pastry or eat 
  • Like or share a social media post (story, FB, IG) Or give a shout out -- NOT on socials? JUST bring a friend! 
  • Download Connections Cards 

Yellow (2/22-2/29)

  • Place a mobile order 
  • Sign up for our Text Messages 
  • Order the secret menu “Everything Latte” 

Community Chest- 2

  • Donate to Coffee with a Cause for the Food Pantry 
  • Donate to the Pay it Forward Board 


Chance- 2

  • Spin the prize wheel 
  • Spin the prize wheel 


The Four Corners: 

  • In Jail / Just visiting - Write a review for our shop across any platform 
  • Free Parking - purchase anything off our merchandise wall (Stickers included!)
  • Go to Jail (or pay the fine) - Complete 2 connections cards
  • Collect $200 as you pass go – Complete a Monopoly Reward Card
Random Acts of Kindness Challege



The Grand Prize Includes: 

*Roasting Session with Nate

*Drink Named after you on our Menu for a Month

*All 3 Completion Prizes

*Beans, Mug & Gift Card



*Complete a set of color cards for 1 entry

*Complete entire board for additional 2 entries

*Earn random entries on the Spin Wheel or Through Social Media Promotions

BEST PART-- it's possible to earn entries WITHOUT any purchase-- so EVERYONE can play!

Have more questions? No problem-- Email