Giving Back: Tips for Non-Profits

At Coffee Connections, the tips aren’t ours. We donate 100% of our tips each month to different organizations that can make your tip go further than it ever could for one of our baristas.  Because around here, it really is all about the people.  Whether local or global initiatives, we love empowering others to make a difference.

We do this out of a heart of giving, based in our strong and vibrant faith.  It was a decision that as made well before the shop was open. Here's the full story:

Past Recipients:

Each month we select a new non-profit to be the main recipient of our tips.  Across our company we have given over $100,000 out to these amazing causes.  It's amazing how each tip adds up.  Follow our Social Media Accounts to discover more about our current tip recipients.

Donating Tips to Non Profits

Want to recommend a Non-Profit?

Do you have a non-profit you would like us to support? Are you a leader, supporter, or member of a non-profit that you feel deserves to be a tip recipient?

Fill out our google form and let us know about the organization by clicking below. Of course, the best way is to come get to know us so we can get to know about your organization directly from you!

*note that by submitting an application it does not ensure the non-profits will be selected as a recipient