Jesus | Coffee | & Life Lessons for our daughters

Welcome to our Blog to our Daughters.  We've got 12 life lessons-- or chapters if you will-- that we want to share with our four daughters.  So once a month for this year, we're gonna share them here.

The Power of Words

By Sharon Grenier | October 15, 2023

Dear daughters, it might be shocking to you– but in middle school, I played volleyball.  In our 8th grade season– there was a juicy rumor spreading about one of our coaches. You know Grandma taught in the district, and it wasn’t long before she had heard the rumor weed.  She asked if I had been…

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Because I Said So…

By Sharon Grenier | July 26, 2023

Because I Said So…..    My *worst* fear came true in the spring of 2012. Aunnica, you had just turned two.  And you learned an incredible new word.  “Why?” The only problem with this newfound love of utilizing your new word– was your CONSTANT and CONTINUOUS use of “why?” Anytime, and for anything.   Why is…

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True Friendship

By Sharon Grenier | May 18, 2023

True Friendship:  “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” — Walter Winchell Friendship is a tricky thing.  One day it’s amazing- the next baffling.  And dear daughters, girls tend to face even more unique challenges in the friendship department.  So– we wanted to write a guide…

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Through the Pain

By Sharon Grenier | May 18, 2023

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” — Helen Keller   Life is Hard.  Plain and simple.  There are countless quotes or stories I could share for this chapter.  Suffering: It’s not fun to talk about.  Everyone loves to share all the highlights– I mean, social…

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By Sharon Grenier | February 25, 2023

Every child dreams of having a pet. You dear daughters, were no different.  From the time you could form words, each of you in your own way asked us to get a pet of some kind.  Aunnica’s requests for a pet pig were much larger in scope than the pet fish, hamster, dog and cat…

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Relentless Love

By Sharon Grenier | January 28, 2023

Relentless Love  Blog to Daughters Chapter 1: Why we love Jesus.  Dear Daughters– You are loved Relentlessly.  More than you can ever know.   It was Spring 2010. Aunnica you weren’t even a month old.  You were really struggling to have regular bowel movements of any kind.  You’d skip for days on end and be so…

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