Downtown Old Hilliard

At Coffee Connections, we know that you want to be a welcomed guest who enjoys a cup of coffee.

In order to do that, you need a local cup of coffee that's made just for you. The problem is, every coffee shop treats you like just another number in line which makes you feel insignificant and wondering why you go out of your way to give this shop your money.

We believe that you should feel like the ONLY person in line when you are ordering your coffee. We understand how it feels to pay a lot for a cup of coffee and then be underwhelmed by the taste, disappointed with the service and questioning what you just spent your money on.

This is why we take great care in selecting the items you can enjoy at our shop; no matter what you buy, every purchase supports a local community member. We partner with over 15 local businesses.

We want to share a cup with you! So, visit come visit our Flagship shop, the original location that started it all!  Come personalize your beverage and contribute to something bigger than yourself. What are you waiting for?  So stop throwing away empty cash on another cup of caffeine and instead enjoy a cup of coffee made just for you while investing in a cause that leaves a meaningful impact on your community.

Upcoming Events

We strive to foster community is all that we do!  Hosting events is simply one of those ways.  Whether its our monthly waffle bar, drop in music classes with We Joy Sing, or coffee with the Superintendent, we've often got events on our calendar.

Curious about what's happening?

Rent our Annex!

Have a birthday party? Bridal Shower? Business meeting? No matter what the reason, from time to time we all find ourselves looking for places to host a gathering.  Our Annex could be the perfect fit for your event.


We're located at

4004 Main St
Hilliard, OH 43026