Why coffee? 

I know- coffee! Some people can’t get enough and others can’t get away from it. This magical bean has become such a large part of our society ever since its discovery. 

So why has this bean have a grip like addiction (ok- it CAN be an addictive substance) to so many people? Besides the obvious factor of a surge of energy that unleashes within a person, one word can sum it up: cool! 

But coffee’s hot some times- I know genius! Just like Apple, there is a cool factor, fitting in factor, consumer pride that kicks in when one drinks coffee. Questions are asked like: what you drinking? Oh, such and such company or the ultimate level of coffee snob- my own roast. And all the snobs say AMEN! But seriously, consumerism is all about the cool factor- if it is useful or tastes good the better. The opposite applies as well, it can be cool but suck and people would still buy it. Or it can taste good but the cool factor isn’t there fully and people keep going back.

Typically coolness factors change over time. Clothing is an example of a roller coaster experience. Coffee at times fall within this factor as well. Yet, in some circles it is a necessity to life not coolness. In some tribes, is a communial experience. Regardless of it usage, coffee is generally consumed in a social context. It is this context (a shared experience) that draws people in. And because it draws people in and draws people in, it is seen as cool and the need arises to be part of that context. 

So why not coffee? Honestly anything can be used but it’s already mass usage can draw momentum quickly.  This momentum can be used to do good in people’s lives, for the community and leak out into the world…cool! 

Coffee|Connection. Creating relationships that have an eternal impact

Nate Grenier