Logo Explained. Pt.3 – Pour Over Image

Coffee Connections no square

As we continue the saga into explaining our logo, the pour over image is clearly seen. This imagine speaks to us on so many levels because of the significance it plays within our journey.

I have said elsewhere that when we started this journey we knew nothing of business, opening one, and only knew coffee at the store’s and automatic machines. I LITERALLY had no clue where coffee came from, how it is processed, etc. So stepping into a journey that was COMPLETELY outside of our comfort zone was, well not easy. As I learned more and more about coffee, I was beyond shocked when a friend showed me, for the first time, green coffee beans and how to roast them in his Whirly Pop! My world expanded so fast and I had to know where you can get this rare product and roast it to taste something that I had never had before. 13165904_583679968470030_4820068836942583849_n

When moving to Columbus, I would ask locals of favorite coffee shops and roasters. I would visit them and try their black coffee to learn what I was suppose to taste. One shop, in particular, was completely AWE-SHOCKING to me. They had barrels and barrels of coffee beans and there was a person there walking around asking if I needed help. That started a long conversation about beans, roasting, flavor profile, etc. He offered me a pour over and I was like “What is that?” He showed my and walked me through the process. I was completely overwhelmed with the method and taste! It literally pushed me forward to imitate and then innovate this way of brewing coffee.


I am not lying when I say this, I pushed this method as KING and everyone knew that. When we started with the Coffee Bike, this was my preferred method over any other. It was fresh and gave time to chat with people and get to know them. It fit perfectly with the mission we had in mind about building relationships with people. So when I asked my brother-in-law (Matt) to create a logo for us I had no idea that he would use this imagine till he showed it to us! We completely feel in love with it and it is has now become an “icon” for us. An imagine that invokes good coffee and relationship building.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of methods of brewing coffee that do a fantastic job and I enjoy coffee brewed in various ways. But if I want a nice, enjoyable, relaxing time then I do a pour over and slow myself down. It reminds me to be patient, to enjoy the process and rest. The pour over reminds me that a simple yet complex system can produce a result that is worth enjoying. The pour over reminds me of the many people, time, money and effort it took for me to enjoy this coffee. The pour over allows anyone to pay attention to what they are doing, to be focused, and create something that is so meaningful. It has that power to impress, entertain and yet promotes an “anyone can do this” mentality. I could go on, but you get the idea!

Slow down. Enjoy life because it is short. Connect with someone in a meaningful way. Pour over is the way to go.

Nate Grenier