Mobile Office Waiver

  • Any person(s) renting the space agree to the following terms: a) Respecting the space and its areas (including but not limited to noise reduction from music, garbage clean up from food/drink into designated garbage cans, etc); b) Respecting the other co-workers and their privacy; c) Communication to ownership or staff member present of any issues, concerns or needs; d) Refraining from verbal language and actions that is offensive, improper and disrespectful; e) Payment must be made prior to use of the space. g) Insurance is recommended for clients h) Clients will not be permitted to leave items in the spaces from day to day. Coffee Connections will not be held liable if stolen or missing items are taken if client(s) leave their things in the rooms from day to day. I hereby agree to use the Coffee Connections space, understanding the terms and agreement of its usage. Coffee Connections Pledges to give you a clean and productive environment to accomplish your work.