Chemex and Roast

At anytime within your life, movement takes place from an outside force. Either you are on board or yelling to get off! Movement also happens way before it is seen. An idea, a force, a concept, an example all can push one to be part of movement. Typically most movements happen regardless of a person’s motive – before long they look back and see their result and influence and then track how that all started. Movements within history all started with a cause, a reason for why they supported, stood up or fought.

To roast coffee, you need some sort of movement. The Coffee Mess has a fluid bed roaster which means hot air is circulated within an container where the beans are kept. This constent movement allows a even roast since all the beans are touched by the circulated heat.

The Chemex is an example of simple movement. It is a large vessel that allows coffee to be extracted into a wonderful cup. As the water is being poured on the grounds, the water engages and creates movement (in this case, it is gravity that pulls the coffee down). One can makes sure this movement is being touched by every ground by agitating (or stir) gently the water and grounds together.

Movement is key to any successful lifestyle or dream endeavor. Without movement, death takes place. Things become stale, pointless, taking up space and at times out of date. Somethings just need a jumpstart for it to move again, other things just need to be laid to rest.

Coffee Connections aims to not just create movement where we are at, but also jumpstart or join movements. Together we can impact a group of people who need movement within their lives!

Nate Grenier