How We Roast

Roasting History

Fresh Roasted Coffee.  It's part of who we are, and has been since the very beginning.  All of our coffee is currently roasted by our good friends at The Coffee Mess.

In the fall of 2014, while at the park with three of his daughters, Nate met Tim (founder of The Coffee Mess) who recently relocated to Hilliard from Maryland. As their children played together, conversation soon revealed common goals surrounding roasting coffee. They then began roasting coffee that December in Nate's basement.  Initially roasting on an air popcorn popper, the fresh, locally roasted coffee was so well received moving to a 2lb fluid bed roaster didn't take long!  Since then both the Coffee Mess and Coffee Connections have been connected.  We've developed all of our profiles and roasts in partnership together. Fresh Roasted Coffee. Local Coffee. Hilliard.  Roasting.

Future Roasting

Connecting with the farmers who grow coffee beans has been our dream since the beginning.  Developing worldwide relationships with coffee farms and local mission works in these coffee growing regions is our passion.  We recently began developing relationships in El Salvador to this end.  In June of 2018 we took our team on our first missions trip to San Salvador.  We're excited to continue developing those relationships so to better those communities and individual lives through something as small as coffee.

As we navigate this new arena, we will be taking steps to secure these avenues and start roasting our own beans as a direct link to help build relationships and improve lives.  We are putting a 2lb Sonofresco Fluid Airbed roaster in our newest location- on Center Street in Hilliard.  Stop by and check it out.

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