“The coffee has a great smooth flavor, the custom roasting makes all the difference.  They have dialed in the process and delivers consistent whole bean coffee to me each week.”   -Jay from Hilliard

“My husband and daughter have enjoyed the different flavors! It’s actually been a bonding experience for them as they learn about the newest beans!”                                                                               – Mikki from Findlay

“Coffee connections is a fresh new take on coffee. Not only is the coffee delicious but they are friendly and knowledgeable about the coffee they serve.”                                                                                      – Brittany from Columbus

“The precision used to create the perfect cup of coffee made my experience with Coffee Connection was a fantastic one. The coffee was one of the best tasting cups I’ve ever had. The process and the fresh roast really allowed the flavors and nuances to come through.”                             -Ryan from Columbus

“Nate listened to our feedback and made recommendations that exceeded my expectations!  We started off with a roast that had a “fruit”essence, that was not really to my liking.  He provided a dark roast that was much more to my taste.”                                            -Cinda from Hilliard