Year One in the books!


Hard to imagine that one year has passed since we took over Solar Cafe! The location has been so ideal. Thanks to the City of Hilliard and the many people who have worked so hard to bring people to this downtown area, we have meet so many people throughout the year.

Some have become good friends. Some needed help that was beyond themselves. Some were looking for people who would care for them. Some were looking for support during a rough time. Some were looking to celebrate. Some were looking for meaning and purpose. And some were looking for something that was greater than themselves to invest into.

14202757_635526213285405_1707879203474768731_nWords cannot even express the gratitude we can give you community of Hilliard for a great first year. Sure it wasn’t easy but you stood with us and supported beyond your duty. The crazy part is – we have so much more to do. We still get people into the shop saying this was their first time in or they have never heard of us till they did a search for coffee shops or were walking Old Hilliard. That means we haven’t even started getting out what we can ALL do as we live, work and play in Hilliard. It is certainly a community effort to make our community even better.


This year has been full of experiences that we would not trade for anything. Experiences that were filled with hope and joy, and some that were hard and painful. Experiences that force you to get better. Experiences that show you where the warning signs are and a track history of “if I do this, then this will happen”. Experiences that are reinforced in books all around on how to handle things or what to look for or how to lead. Experiences that have the desire to make someone better and make an investment into the future.

community This year has also been one of firsts. No duh, you say! But seriously, I do not know about you but as much as I love repeating things- there is something fresh about “well, that is new”. I always love the new when it is exciting, not so much the challenging new. But both are needed for a well rounded life and experience. What I look forward in this 2nd year is an reinforcing of what was laid, growth and pruning of what needs to go, and growth beyond what we see right now.


Lastly, this year as been a year of hope. Through the you (the community), we have given over $14,000 to non-profits locally and around the world! The is something to celebrate as you where and are part of hope going to so many people. Yet still so many people have suffered loses, pain, disappointment and isolation. As a location, Coffee Connections has been a safe place for people to connect and start the healing process. It has also been the place where renewed life and purpose has been reinforced. It has been a placed were encouragement and “I can do this” mentality has won over. One of the first things we did a year ago before renovations was pray over the space, asking God that a peace would enter the lives of anyone who would enter these doors that they have not felt before. I am so grateful we have done this because we have had some many people comment on this very thing without knowing why and are grateful for it.

It is what we are all about: The People! We want to serve our city and love our neighbor. Its a passion that crosses any wall without creating offense. Its a focus that determines why we do what we do. To connect with each other, to serve one another, to promote unity and diversity.


Nate Grenier