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Christmas Coffee Special

We are so excited to offer this to the Columbus Ohio area! Coffee has had a history to slow down a person, enjoy a cup with a great conversation. Its about building that relationship, one cup at a time. In a fast paced society, you know the importance of slowing down…even if its just for a few minutes. You start to relax, your over worked mind is eased, and you can feel deep seeded issues become less overwhelming.

Having this conversation with a family member or even a good friend is a no brainer! We want to join you in this experience with these offerings. Just getting a taste of this ‘slow down’ time is so intoxicating and you want it to be coveted. We are so glad to help you accomplish this.

Each one is intended to not just build this experience, but also to increase your credibility…which well, makes you look good. And who doesn’t want that.

This offer DOES have a limit with both NUMBER and DATE…so act fast!

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Nate Grenier