Its coming! That time of year in which you are trying to get THE right gift for those you love. What I have always found about this crazy time of year is the lie that there is that RIGHT gift for a person. No matter how much you spend (time or money), there will always be a BETTER RIGHT gift for someone. Having being a child at one point in my life and now having children, I have learned something interesting…giving gifts is a duel action: what I like and what I think they would like. As a kid, I remember making gifts for my parents. Granted they were crap (like glitter, water and oil) but at that time I was so excited to give it because I made it and knew it was going to be liked. My daughters do this often- color or bring things home thinking we would love them. And of course we do, not only because the gift is amazing, but because they are starting to think outside of themselves. This is to be celebrated!

I am not going to push you getting the best GIFT! In fact, I want to challenge you to think about what is going to be meaningful for those you want to give gifts too. Is it really the gift? Is it the time (strides and effort) you took to get that gift? Is it the fact that you know them and want to give them something they will enjoy? Each question is based on an assumption- relationship.

This time of year is a perfect time to sit and enjoy company and build a stronger relationship with them through stories and discussion. Coffee can be a wonderful way to enhance this conversation! Brewing a fresh cup and then inviting them to come and share is a powerful experience. I assume (because I have experienced this) it won’t be the gifts they remember a year from now…but the relationship building that you did. Taking time and adding value into each other! It creates a great memory, one that will not corrode or exchanged or be thrown away in 6 months.

We want to help you achieve this! Call, text or order online to get some freshly roasted coffee so you can really give a lasting gift to those you love…eternal value.

Have a great holiday with your friends and family! Merry Christmas



Nate Grenier