Renovations! Not to be done in a day

reno picSince last week, we have been working on renovations at 4004 and 4006 Main Street, Hilliard Ohio. Visit our facebook for more pictures and videos of what we have done.

This week has been all about painting the main house (4004 Main Street). We have been blessed with various people coming by to volunteer their time and helping this space to get completed.

For me, one of the more frustrating pieces to all of this is the amount time it takes to do a project. Painting here, organizing there, cleaning up over there and the list continues. I have been used to getting this done rather quickly that things that take time frustrate me. Ironic, this journey is about slowing down and doing it right and waiting for the right time.

Do not get me wrong, we are moving fast and getting so much accomplished! The little things can throw me off and get me down. I want to see if come together quicker yet I am not seeing the detailed small stuff that needs to take place first. These small things are so important and need to happen in order for everything to look good and fit together.

renoLike I said, so many people have helped out already and so many will continue to help out- to that I am grateful. Many hands make lite work.

So what have I learned so far that I can pass on to you?

1 – Be thankful! Things will not always go the way you hoped they would go, people will disappoint you, and projects will take longer. Yet being thankful will reverse these into – learning to grow through unexpected times, appreciate those who are around you and do what you can.

2- Take care of yourself. I have this guilt feeling of not being there to help out. Even right now, I am thinking how dare I take time and write this blog while I can be at the shop doing more stuff. But its important, especially if I want to continue to be productive.

I am grateful beyond words for the amount of time, energy and effort those who have been faithfully volunteering their time for these past few weeks to make this dream a reality. Thank you! Let us not give up the good work that is before us…it is only the beginning…

Nate Grenier