Starting off strong


We are in week two of Coffee Connections occupying 4004 Main Street. So far it has been busy and we have been interacting with so many people. The responses that we have been getting from the Hilliard community is so encouraging. We are very grateful for everyone who has been coming out and the regulars that continue to come in.

I said above that “we have been very busy.” I am not joking about that or trying to make ourselves better. It seems like every day we our running out of something. As we have made lists and bought what we need, the amount of people ordering has been much higher than we anticipated. The coffee is just a major indicator about how many people have been through our space. I roasted a lot the weekend we opened (or at least I thought it was) and we ran out THAT DAY! I am grateful for Tim and the Coffee Mess for having coffee ready for me to resupply. Then that following week I had to continue to get more and more coffee from Tim. So to prepare for our second weekend, I did a total of 9 roasts (roughly 1 to 1.5 pounds) and we used all of that up by Sunday. To say I am grateful is an understatement.

In addition to all of this, many people are coming and showing the space to family and friends. We have been getting stop ins and calls from various businesses asking if they could use the space for meetings, events and rentals (the Annex which should be ready early October). Our hope was for this space to be used by the community to love their neighbor and serve this city – it certainly is happening.

A look ahead makes us more and more excited. The fall season brings so many fun events that we are just thrilled to be part of. We will be hosting a Coffee Tasting event, Coffee and Canvas, a Hayride in the south of Hilliard, and much much more!

As we move forward strong, keep stoping in and following us on Facebook. We are here to serve this city and love these people. We are here to add value and meaning into people lives.



Nate Grenier