Saying THANK YOU!!



This week, Coffee Connections get the privilege to say thank you two groups of people.

The first group is our police officer in Hilliard. We will be setting up at 3 today, 7am on Wednesday and then 11pm on Thursday night to serve coffee and non-coffee beverages as a thank you to some of our local heros. While I worked at Starbucks, when we first moved here, a lot of officers came in and had a great conversation with me about the city, their jobs and all that they do. As I moved away from Starbucks and into our own realm, I wanted to do something that would not only introduce ourselves but also say thank you. I contacted Hyda Slone, who later got me in touch with Lindsay Bright. Lindsay is the wife of an officer and is leading an appreciation for the officers this week. She loved the idea and I’m so excited we get to do it!

The second group of people that we are saying thank you to on Wednesday @ 9:30am, is the Ohio Ministry Network. When we moved here with this crazy idea of partnering service and coffee they have supported us, encouraged us and have given us many opportunities to ‘test’ out our idea. It is because of their support and network that we have been able to share, partner and reach out into this vast state with a completely different way to serve people.

This in no way is a completed list of all those we need to be thanking! Through letters, meals, hand shakes and coffee I want Coffee Connections to be about gratitude. It doesn’t happen often in our world and shouldn’t be done just one time of year. Being grateful needs to be a daily part of our lives.

So be thankful today! Tell someone how grateful you are for them or what they have done for you. Keep this simple: a card, going out of your way in the office for a short thank you, taking someone out…the possibilities are endless. It all starts with you.  I promise you will notice how you’re life and attitude will change by this simple concept!


Nate Grenier