We are APPROVED!! Time to Invite


There she is! Well- almost. Missing the canopy (which you will see on the picture below).

This has been an very interesting journey to get this thing approved. Honestly, it wasn’t as hard as we anticipated – but that does not mean I was lazy. Being new at this whole thing, I wanted to make sure I was doing everything over and beyond. I wanted to make sure we were doing the right thing.

I will detail the ‘getting the bike up to code’ in another blog post. But for now, I want to share our experience. Meeting with Nick at the Franklin County Health Department was honestly amazing. We chatted for a while about the bike, coffee and life. With a few things that we had to add, he gave us the approval. What the funny part was that he informed me that coffee does not spoil and our cart is so simple that getting a license would almost be necessary if I was going to use milk. Since we plan on that, he approved us.

This morning I went to a joint city of Columbus licensing event and found out that what I have is a ‘knock-down’ cart. Thus meaning I do not fall into food vendor licensing program. Though both the Columbus and Franklin County classify me as a Mobile Food Vendor. Then come to find out that I just needed either Franklin County Health or Columbus Health approval…I do not need both! But what was encouraging from this morning was talking with the fire department on what I needed to do in order to pass code. They were super friendly and instructive! A positive experience


So here is the important part and it is what we have been doing for the start (until the City of Hilliard gives us their approval to set up on a regular basis on various spots), WE NEED PRIVATE PROPERTY OWNERS and PUBLIC PROPERTY OWNERS (aka-the city) TO INVITE US OUT! This mean festivals, parties, meetings, parking lots, street corners, etc. Because of this bike, we do not get to bid or be placed on a lottery in order to sell coffee. This is a good things AND a very negative thing as well.

Negative: Not a regular set spot.

Positive: We get to meet local owners, chat and invest in a certain area!

This means connecting with people is so important. I am just amazed to think that this bike has forced us to create more connection with various people, cities and businesses then what I originally planned on. Talk about spread that seed!

This is where you come in- HELP US!!! If you know of someone or a business or a city person, please connect us. We would love to partner with them in building relationships in their community.




Nate Grenier


  1. Orphan World Guy (@orphanworldguy) on April 4, 2016 at 6:18 pm

    We loved having you at the SuperHero 5K supporting Orphan World Relief and the Hilliard Davidson Band this past weekend! Thanks for helping make the event simply AMAZING!

  2. orphanworldrelief on April 4, 2016 at 6:32 pm

    I second @OrphanWorldGuy’s comment! You went above and beyond with communication and dependability. Your stand was a huge hit, and we look forward to working with you again!

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