Serve without strings


Serve. Its meaning is simple. Its action is endless. Its motion is towards another. Yet true service today is lost. It is usually ‘what I can get out of it’ or ‘you are in debt to me now’. The art of true service is lost with a payback of some sort. I did something for you and now you do something for me- equal or greater. Doing less is not valued or even critiqued.

In the month of December, my family was given so many gifts. I mean- alot. Blessed would be a word to be used. We got more than we deserved or even asked for- all out of the kindness of people. Yet the most meaningful was a group of people in Buffalo NY. Not only did they invite us up and put us up in a hotel BUT they also threw a party for us and each pulled money to get us gifts! What is even crazy, we only knew the leaders of the effort—everyone else we did not know. They served us in a way that left me (father, husband and individual) feeling humbled and thankful. We did nothing to deserve such act and in no way were they expecting anything in return! In fact, we were not allowed to do anything in return. Just enjoy!

This is not the norm to say the least. But it reminded me of Coffee Connections purpose: to build relationships with an eternal purpose one cup at a time. I have set out to make sure that one of our founding acts is to serve our community with what we have. It may not be much, but it is something. My hope is we leave the same feeling (honored or grateful or valued) to people in this community!

What are we going to do? Simple – bless businesses in this community with coffee…free! My aim is to give away coffee to local businesses to say “thank you” and let them know we are here to serve them in what we have. I do not expect much in return, if any. However, my hope is for relationships to start developing where we can pull resources and power to even better our community that can extend to our world.

If you would like to recommend a business or organization, let us know!

Serve- with no strings attached.

Nate Grenier