Character Profile – Jay


I wanted to start sharing the stories of those who have been buying coffee from us. Too often we get lost in the quick and easiness of buying/selling, that we forget that those who are BUYING are people with stories.

Coffee Connections mission is to create relationships with an eternal purpose one cup at a time. The win for this is for those who buy the coffee use it to create or build on relationships in their life. No greater joy has it been for me then to see how my very first supporter is taking this into his work place.

I asked Jay, “Why did you first buy coffee from me and why do you continue to buy?”

“I bought coffee from you first because of your passion for making the best cup of coffee. I continue to buy because it is the best cup coffee!” – Says Jay

I then asked, “How are you using it to create or develop relationships?”

He sent me this picture – IMG_1969

He then said “I like the French press method. I get a lot of questions and it is large enough to make two 16oz cups.  So that is how I share. People also love the aroma in my coffee office.”

Jay and I joke about the power of this coffee. He tells me that when he started to brew it at the office, people were leaving their work spaces to inquire of the pleasant aroma that was spreading throughout the office space. He said I should have a warning label on the bag that says “Can be Habit Forming”.

I am personally thankful for Jay! He has been a great encouragement and even had me into his office to do a coffee presentation. Coffee has very much been a great connecting piece between us, to which I am grateful for.

Thank you Jay for not only support us, but also thinking outside of yourself. Using your resources to help those around you. You have a genuine care for people and it shows through your passion in being and helping them. Thank you.



Nate Grenier