Blogging: Attempt #1

Written During our First 2 Years

Patience and Creativity

By Nate Grenier | Nov 12, 2015

As most of you know, the above bike from Wheelys is an complete marvel and fits our mission very well. Unfortunately, it has been taken a while to get to us because of various circumstances. It has been delayed numerous of times all the while as we plan to connect and set up this business.…

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By Nate Grenier | Oct 29, 2015

At anytime within your life, movement takes place from an outside force. Either you are on board or yelling to get off! Movement also happens way before it is seen. An idea, a force, a concept, an example all can push one to be part of movement. Typically most movements happen regardless of a person’s…

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This Month ONLY!!!

By Nate Grenier | Sep 7, 2015

Just wanted to update you on two very important moves we are about to make: 1- Hilliard Fest (Sept. 12 from 10am-8pm). Tim and I will be serving, selling and talking about coffee during this awesome event. Feel free to come and enjoy some coffee!! 2- Wheely’s Bike – I first want to thank those…

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Why coffee? 

By Nate Grenier | May 13, 2015

I know- coffee! Some people can’t get enough and others can’t get away from it. This magical bean has become such a large part of our society ever since its discovery.  So why has this bean have a grip like addiction (ok- it CAN be an addictive substance) to so many people? Besides the obvious…

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