Blogging: Attempt #1

Written During our First 2 Years

Renovations! Not to be done in a day

By Nate Grenier | Aug 25, 2016

Since last week, we have been working on renovations at 4004 and 4006 Main Street, Hilliard Ohio. Visit our facebook for more pictures and videos of what we have done. This week has been all about painting the main house (4004 Main Street). We have been blessed with various people coming by to volunteer their…

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4004 Main Street, Hilliard OH

By Nate Grenier | Aug 7, 2016

We are excited to announce that 4004 Main Street in Old Hilliard will become the location of Coffee Connections!  On August 21st, we will begin to make our mark on the space and we plan to be open this September! Isn’t that currently Solar Cafe?  Yes, and the story behind how this came to be…

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By Nate Grenier | Jun 15, 2016

  The above quote by Thomas Edison is really drilling deep within my brain. Within recent years, Thomas Edison and his quotes have been mentioned often OR I am noticing them more as we are on this journey. Here is what I mean. A year ago, Sharon and I sat down to figure out what we would like…

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Saying THANK YOU!!

By Nate Grenier | May 16, 2016

  This week, Coffee Connections get the privilege to say thank you two groups of people. The first group is our police officer in Hilliard. We will be setting up at 3 today, 7am on Wednesday and then 11pm on Thursday night to serve coffee and non-coffee beverages as a thank you to some of…

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We are APPROVED!! Time to Invite

By Nate Grenier | Apr 4, 2016

There she is! Well- almost. Missing the canopy (which you will see on the picture below). This has been an very interesting journey to get this thing approved. Honestly, it wasn’t as hard as we anticipated – but that does not mean I was lazy. Being new at this whole thing, I wanted to make…

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Character Profile – Jay

By Nate Grenier | Feb 6, 2016

I wanted to start sharing the stories of those who have been buying coffee from us. Too often we get lost in the quick and easiness of buying/selling, that we forget that those who are BUYING are people with stories. Coffee Connections mission is to create relationships with an eternal purpose one cup at a…

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Serve without strings

By Nate Grenier | Jan 16, 2016

Serve. Its meaning is simple. Its action is endless. Its motion is towards another. Yet true service today is lost. It is usually ‘what I can get out of it’ or ‘you are in debt to me now’. The art of true service is lost with a payback of some sort. I did something for…

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By Nate Grenier | Dec 11, 2015

Its coming! That time of year in which you are trying to get THE right gift for those you love. What I have always found about this crazy time of year is the lie that there is that RIGHT gift for a person. No matter how much you spend (time or money), there will always…

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Holiday Coffee Order

By Nate Grenier | Nov 29, 2015

    We are so excited to offer this to the Columbus Ohio area! Coffee has had a history to slow down a person, enjoy a cup with a great conversation. Its about building that relationship, one cup at a time. In a fast paced society, you know the importance of slowing down…even if its…

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